Our products are created with solid bar stock, which will add beauty to your home for many years to come.


Many of our competitors sell a hollow product that appears very similar to our solid fence during initial installation. The outer, initial appearance of these products are where the similarities end. Hollow products are manufactured from a lighter/cheaper metal. This means that they are much more susceptible to damage and wear caused by salt, weather, and general use.

Cougar Iron manufactures a superior product that will last for years. With very little maintenance, these solid steel fence products will offer added beauty and safety to your home.


Below you will see a listing of our standard fence models.

If these models do not suit your needs, please contact us. We can create a custom model that adds that finishing touch to your home. 

All Models Available In Varied Heights

Vertical Pickets – ½ " x ½", 5/8 " x 5/8 " solid bar stock
Pickets spaced at 3-1/2" 
Horizontal rails 1-1/4" x ½" C channel
Posts are 2" square tube .125 wall thickness
Sections are 79-1/4" for post spacing of 81" centres
Gates are 36" standard opening

Polyester Powder Coating with lasting looks and quality far exceeding any wet enamel finish. The product is pre-treated and washed with a phosphate solution for maximum cleaning. The steel is then heated to open the pores of the steel allowing complete bonding of the polyester coating to the steel.

The Polyester Powder is then electrostatically applied to ensure a minimum coverage of 2.5 mils and a maximum of 4.5 mils.

The finish is then baked at 350 degrees fahrenheit while the powder melts and flows together around the steel.

The product is then cured for 15 minutes at 350 degrees fahrenheit for an impact resistant finish. 
Polyester Powder Coating is considered the superior finish for outdoor items.